Institute for Philosophy & the Arts'
Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life

Carol Soucek King
[Photography by Nathaniel Taylor]


Our 28th Year Continues
... still on Zoom!

Please join Carol Soucek King virtually on
Sunday, February 11, 2024 Via Zoom

To discuss one of God's essential aspects
illuminated throughout her book
Under the Bridges at Arroyo del Rey



With Main Presentation

Pauline Field and Barry Allen

Not Just an Inside Job

Growing has to be considered
within the larger context of community.


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9:30 am Pacific Standard Time
Zoom Room Arrivals and
Himalayan Singing Bowls by Healing Arts Practitioner
Janet Martorello


10 am until noon – Program



Nan Rae


Nan Rae's New Book - now available on Amazon --
Walk with Me... In the Garden of Our Friendship
includes many of Nan’s Meditations for
The Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life


Opening Song and Commentary
On the Wings of Chopin
written and sung by
Dean LeGrand Carlston, DDS

Dean welcomes us to listen to and download his music at no charge by accessing his personal website:


Salute to Birthdays
Graham Lance Richardson
Retired Westside Realtor after 35 years.
Licensed Plumber & Gas Fitter.
Certified Welder to 100%.


Main Presentation:

Pauline Field and Barry Allen

Not Just an Inside Job

Pauline Field and Barry Allen

From birth we grow, and that growth changes as we go through life. Each of us is connected to everyone, and in particular to our family and to our community, so growing has to be considered within the larger context of community. Barry Allen and Pauline Field’s presentation will share their experiences of how they have grown and how family and communities have been the source and the recipient of that growth.


Music Interlude
Douglas Decker
Recording Engineer/Musician
"Don't Let the Old Man In"


Poetry Reading
Patricia Ferber


Followed by Discussion

Opening the Discussion will be Nino Wong, designer/business leader/Volunteer Chairman of the Chinese Garden Docents, Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens.

Jean Marie Sumrall, exhibited jewelry designer, founder of The Bridge monthly zoom conversation, whose path has included her articles about belly dancing, horse training, raw food diets and spirituality, shares the latest step in her journey -- her first book - The Kats of Kayip Kedi Sanctuary, now on Amazon and available on Kindle.

All are invited to continue sharing thoughts on Growth.


until noontime


"Something Beyond"
Susie Katharine Shaw


To conclude Susie will lead us in Richard King's favorite
Native American Prayer



About Our Speakers 

Barry AllenBarry Allen

Born in 1940 in Detroit, Michigan to Russian Immigrants, Barry’s education was in public schools in Michigan, then on to University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Detroit College of Law.

He created a security company that grew to one thousand employees providing physical security and investigation. With local Police and CBS, he created training materials and films and plastic bullets. He was a Certified Police firearms instructor and a federal undercover operative.

Then sunshine called and he moved to California where he started Consumers Business Network for business networking.

Barry was a radio talk show host in four metropolitan areas and a radio station manager.

He started, a nonprofit involved in teaching politically uneducated city dwellers on how to monitor and understand their local government.

Before retiring to Seal Beach, he worked as an apartment complex manager and leasing agent.

Barry Allen


Pauline FieldPauline Field

Retired three times, Pauline, born in London, England, continues her Executive Coaching, this time working with people to create a joyful retirement.

Pauline’s first retirement was from her long career as a management consultant, including being the founder and former COO of International FieldWorks, Inc., a global management consulting agency. Her latest retirement is from 50/50 Leadership, a nonprofit she founded. She is widely published on business practices and management skills including her book, Feisty & Fearless: Nice Girls CAN Be Leaders, and has appeared on a number of radio and television shows.

Pauline is happy to be leading groups on Zoom with people exploring how to best retire and to make the most out of their later years. A mother and grandmother she lives with Barry and their rescue dog Marley in Seal Beach.

Pauline Field


For the time being, the Salon will continue to meet on Zoom. When appropriate, we will meet in person once again at Arroyo del Rey.

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Lyrics, Commentary & Poem


On the Wings of Chopin
by Dean Legrand Carlston © 1.08.2024

Why do we not confront darkness when we know
Light through us can prevail?

Why when falsehoods are uttered do we shrink and fail
To oppose

Why do half-truths stand uncontested when we know
Sheep will be led astray?

Truth brings Knowledge and Wisdom

Wisdom brings power to overcome darkness
And hold evil at bay

Speak the Truth, Be the Light

Martin Luther King: The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Cezar Chavez: I am convinced that the truest act of courage, the strongest act of manliness is to sacrifice ourselves for others in a totally nonviolent struggle for justice. To be a man is to suffer for others. God help us to be men!

Once again I’m grateful for being allowed to express my opinions in this Salon forum.

It seems that a permanent part of existence is light and dark, evil and goodness; and a foundational purpose for our being here is to learn to seek further light (consciousness) and overcome those urges to pursue acts that are selfish and serve only the few, and not the many. There are those who would position themselves into positions of power where they can live off of the labors of the many…taxation without representation, where the receipts of such a tax do not flow back into society’s benefit. We need to contribute taxes to the benefit of infrastructure and services to society; but we should not allow the fruits of our labors to support activities that undermine our freedom and safety of self-expression, activities that attack family values, and that pit race against race.

And so here we are, some 70 years after World War Two, the war that was supposed to end all wars. Since then, Ronald Regan oversaw 7 conflicts, George H. W. Bush oversaw 5, Bill Clinton oversaw three, George W. Bush oversaw 5, Barack Obama oversaw 7, Donald Trump none, and Joe Biden is posturing for war in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine. War is good business for the few…and the many are simply fodder. There are bees in the hive that have the specific duty to fan their wings to keep the Queen Bee cool to avoid suffocation. We the worker bees need to step up and become involved in protecting our inalienable rights. Through the years we have allowed ourselves to be placed in a stupor of content whilst evil has penetrated the very fabric of our society. When we worker bees fan our wings we have a right to insist that that energy, the fruits of our labor, be directed toward the good of the Society at large; and not directed toward the benefit of the few.

-- Dean LeGrand Carlston 1/8/2024


"Don't Let the Old Man In"
by Toby Keith

Don't let the old man in
I wanna leave this alone
Can't leave it up to him
He's knocking on my door

And I knew all of my life
That someday it would end
Get up and go outside
Don't let the old man in

Many moons I have lived
My body's weathered and worn
Ask yourself how old would you be
If you didn't know the day you were born

Try to love on your wife
And stay close to your friends
Toast each sundown with wine
Don't let the old man in

Repeat Chorus:

When he rides up on his horse
And you feel that cold bitter wind
Look out your window and smile
Don't let the old man in

Look out your window and smile
Don't let the old man in


by Patricia Ferber, Artist & Poet

Growth strengthens one’s faith
when embracing life with a loving heart.
Kindness from within will extend love towards others.
Light on your feet with a smile on your face,
to dance to the magnificent symphonies life plays.

Spiritual growth takes a lifetime to grow,
like the tall Oak trees in a grove.
As a corn stalk in a field develops its fruit,
its kernels grow sweetly symmetrically grouped.

Growth, like rocks in a wall if loose will fall,
build with beauty and care.
One stone at a time, from young to when we are old,
composed of life’s love songs for our journey beyond.


"Something Beyond"
by Rod Mckuen 1967

I've never seen the unicorn at dawn,
before I wake up he usually has gone.
But would I know him if he ever came along,
or think him merely one more
Something Beyond.

There are some things I've never ever said,
some words still wondering around inside my head.
They lie here waiting for the dawn of love to come,
or are they waiting for Something Beyond---

Beyond the day, beyond the day,
beyond the 33rd of April and the 41st of May.

It well may be I'll never come to see
the secret secrets of the highest part of me;

But I'll keep searching till the need to search is gone.
My arms reach out toward Something Beyond.


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